A roster limit of 12 players will be enforced. The roster must be completed and submitted prior to the initial game for each side. Players’ identities will not be checked against a team roster unless a formal complaint is filed with the tournament director. In the event that a complaint is filed, all players on the field will be expected to produce identification for roster verification. Cross rostering will not be tolerated.


Teams will be expected to be on time. Games will start promptly as scheduled. After five (5) minutes, a forfeit will be declared. During Pool Play where feasible, all conversions will be taken from the end zone side of the goal posts – back towards the fields. Ties will be allowed during the pool play of the tournament.

The tie-breaking criteria in the round-robin portion of the tournament will be as follows:

A. Heads up competition

B. Point differential—all games

C. Offensive points scored

D. Number of tries

E. Number of tries surrendered

F. Drop kicks from 25 meters—sudden death

During the playoff portion of the tournament, ties will not be allowed. After regulation time, teams will play additional five (5) minute halves until a winner is decided.


Each team is required to provide a knowledgeable touch judge for each of their matches, excluding the championships (if possible).


Remember: everyone has to file their CIPP rosters directly with USA Rugby. We comply with the rules and regulations set forth with USA Rugby. To obtain your Club CIPP List, go to, click on join usa rugby and click on view public roster. Players who cannot provide proof, or have not yet enrolled for the current year, will be REQUIRED to get confirmation from a tournament representative prior to playing their first match in the tournament. Be sure you have followed any rules for transferring from your 15s club if you are playing for a different team for summer 7s. If a transfer form is already completed but not yet listed on your 7s Club’s CIPP print out, please bring a copy of your transfer form and a fax receipt that it was sent.  


All teams must take the field in matching kit. Jerseys must be worn, no T-shirts.


Any player ordered off the pitch for disciplinary reasons will be forbidden from playing in any remaining matches for the rest of the tournament. The referee is responsible for filing an appropriate report with the Ref Society and the player’s local union or conference.